Year 2006
◆ At the beginning of 2006, the company set the target of realizing RMB50.00 million sales order. On the market strategy, the company proposed to expand the noise control business to electric power, traffic, chemical, municipal administration and other fields.
◆ On April 3, the company won the qualification certificate regarding Safety Production License issued by the relevant department.
◆ In June, the company won the Grade A certificate regarding Environmental Pollution Process Design Grade issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau.
◆ In August, the company won the dangerous waste disposal and manual seepage-proofing project bid of Chongqing, and the bid worth more than RMB20.00 million. Such project laid its first industry-wide position in the west of China.
◆ In December, the company won the Environmental Protection Project construction qualification certificate.
◆ By the end of 2006, ZISEN completed more than 200 noise control projects and the qualified rate of the project reached 100%.
◆ The company realized a rapid development in the year 2006, in which its sales order reached RMB70.00 million and rose 112% compared with last year, the manual seepage-proof business achieved a major breakthrough, the CNG business covered the whole China (ZISEN product is available anywhere there are the natural gas in China), and the energy machinery sales income doubled the planned RMB 3 million (approximated RMB6.8 million).