Year 2007
◆ On the basis of overall business performance 2006, the company made a major business adjustment 2007, namely it removed the grid cleaner business and gave up the wastewater treatment equipment market; and decided to focus on the manual seepage-proof business, noise control business, CNG and energy machinery business, and set the order target 2007 at RMB100 million. 
◆ On February 7, the company won the Design Qualification (Grade B) Certificate issued by the National Construction Ministry of the People’s Republic of China. 
◆ In June, the company won the Light Steel Factory Building Construction Qualification Certificate.
◆ In September, ZISEN Laboratory design was completed.
◆ The day of September 30 was an important milestone in the ZISEN development course. Through a sufficient consideration, the board of directors made a major adjustment for the operating mechanism, and the company conducted the business via two fields, namely ZISEN Energy and ZISEN environmental protection to form two sets of independent business operation and management mechanism; which symbolized not only the professionalism of the corporate operation, but also its group-oriented development.
◆ In October, Wenjiang Production Base Phase I was completed; the new factory covered the area 20,000 sq. meters and the production workshop 8,800 sq. meters.
◆ In November, the first transformer substation’s electromagnetic radiation and noise control project was completed and validated.
◆ The year 2007 is not only the year in which the company made its strategic adjustment, but also the year in which it achieved a rapid development. The successful organizational adjustment and the business modules restructuring produced a far-reaching influence on the company. In this year, the company realized its order target worth RMB100 million, which rose by 40% over that of last year. The manual seepage-proof business developed smoothly and accounted for half of the business performance (up to RMB48.00 million); the noise control business marched into the electric power market, the diesel engine business stepped into the markets of Shaanxi Province, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi Province, and the CNG business surpassed the yearly objective. However, the problems related to human resource, safety, delivery period, cost and management in the development process could not be ignored and ZISEN hoped to solve them through organizational adjustment, professional and lean management of environmental protection business and energy business.