Year 1999
     On March 1, 1999, Sichuan Zizhong Petroleum Drilling & Exploiting Equipment Factory (the former ZISEN) was established, with the registered capital of RMB55,000 and 3 employees. The business philosophy at the time of establishment was to lease some factory buildings and equipments of Zizhong Agricultural Machinery Repair and Building Factory , which was already suspended and at the brink of bankruptcy, and to employ its some personnel to conduct such  businesses as processing and sales of elevated tank, sandproof shed and slurry circulation tank, processing and sales of accessories of natural gas compressor, processing and sales of accessories of noodle machine, temporary repair of cement machines and agricultural machineries; meanwhile making efforts to contact, know about and enter into the petroleum industry to seek more survival space and development opportunities.
     In October, after the 4 months lasting investigation, the company decided to develop the natural gas compressor muffler and establish a cooperative relationship with China Aviation Planning & Design Institute; since then, the company started its research and development. At the end of 1999, the company applied for its first patent of noise elimination technology.