Year 2002
◆ In May, the company concluded a cooperative agreement with Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and became the authorized service shop of Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. in the southwest China region.
◆ In June, the company, based on analysis on the several months lasting business operation, found that the CNG market was developing not as rapid as expected, so the noise control market could only be nurtured and developed step by step, namely the progress for Weichai diesel engine was satisfactory, but the overall performance was still far away from the predefined target. The decision makers of the company spent 4~5 months in investigating, analyzing, argumentation and considering the market development and technology for the first half of 2002; the business philosophy of “being a big fish in pond” (proposed at the early stage) could not meet the business growth need, and a better business prospect needs struggling against wind and wave in wider water area. At the end of July, the company made an important decision: let factory shareholders invest and establish Sichuan ZISEN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which headquartered in Chengdu, and marketing department, R&D department set up there, and other departments stayed in PetroChina Zizhong Petroleum Drilling & Exploiting Equipment factory. The company’s business strategy was: to create beautiful environment and life for customers and society with high technology, and create wonderful life for employees with good returns from customers and society.
◆At the end of June, ZISEN completed the comprehensive noise reduction project for the first power plant.
◆ In August, ZISEN completed the first well drilling noise reduction project .
◆ On September 6, Sichuan ZISEN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
◆ On September 16, the company was officially running its new business mode.
◆ From October to December, the company enhanced its marketing existing products whilst widely gathering the market and technology information in the environmental protection field, aiming at finding new business opportunity and new products.
◆ At the end of the year, the company completed the sales orders worth RMB12 million and had 81 employees. Since the market and mid-year adjustment, the order volume was not increased hugely compared with that of 2001, and the expected target was not achieved. However, the technological strength was enhanced, and the external environment of the market exploitation and technological research and development were improved greatly.