Year 2005
◆ At the beginning of 2005, the company formulated the 2005 Plan Outline and set the objective of realizingtotal orders worth RMB40.00 million. On marketing strategy, the company proposed the overall strategy of “stabilizing one area, developing one area and exploiting one area”, and planned to expand its noise, CNG and civil air defence products and services in most areas of China, and planned to prompt the sales of its grid cleaner.
◆ In August, the company established the exclusive product distribution and technical cooperation relationship with Canadan solmax; it was the only one in the west China. Meanwhile the company launched its civil air defense projects in the west China and proposed the lean marketing strategy.
◆ In October, the landfill manual penetration prevention business penatrated into the dangerous solid waste market firstly.
◆ In November, CNG project was opened up in the new markets of Hubei and Jiangsu, and then in Liaohe Oilfield finally.
◆ On November 4, the company signed the first highway sound insulation shield contract; which symbolized its new business direction in the traffic noise control field.
◆ In December, the company revised its general description of departments and posts, which reached its HR management to a new stage.
◆ In December, the company signed the ISO9000 re-evalsuation contract with Yingdasi Chengdu Branch, which symbolized hat the company comprehensively launched its ISO9000 re-evalsuation work.