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    There are many small pores on the surface of composite sound insulation module. After entering into them, the sound is randomly reflected within the structural inner wall till the most of sound wave energy is consumed and turns into the thermal energy; thus the sound insulation is realized.
Characteristics of panel absorber
    The panel absorber is made of the material that is capable of absorbing sound energy and reducing noise.
    According to the sound absorption mechanism, the sound absorption material can be divided into the following types: 

    The cellular material that achieves sound wave attenuate by means of tiny open pores distributed from the surface to the inner can absorb the high and medium-frequency sound wave; such as the organic and inorganic fiber with the fibriform gathering tissue (including their products), pored foamed plastic or the expanded perlite product with the porous structure.

    The flexible or the membrane material that may absorb sound via resonance, or the plate material or the perforated plate (it is made by perforating all kinds of plate materials or metal plates, used for absorbing the medium-frequency sound). The combination use of the above materials can expand the sound absorption range, improve the sound absorption coefficient, and control noise. In addition to absorbing air sound, the perforated material can also weaken the vibration caused by the solid-borne noise and the air-chamber noise. The perforated materials filled into the composite structure composed of various plate materials can improve the sound insulation capability and reduce the structural weight.

Use of panel absorber

    The panel absorber can be widely used in the sound absorption structures of urban light rail, elevated road, power plant, mechanical equipment, railway, highway, bridge, tunnel, aviation, navigation and overhead highway.